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Vinayaka Caterers have today emerged as a symbol of success through selfless service and sincere dedication of its team of people. Its core assets of hard work, wholesomeness and commitment to customer satisfaction have made Vinayaka synonymous with vegetarian’s delight.
This multi service organization provides full marriage / function package offer which enables you to walk into the Mandapam, go about your business and stride out smiling, without experiencing the tiniest of hassles a wedding or reception normally involves. From organising a makeup artist to arranging videography... from hiring priests to conducting a ganamela... Vinayaka brings everything under one roof on your behalf.
The typical Kerala vegetarian food and sadya became the hallmark of many an occasion and festival. Not to speak of religious gatherings and temple festivals when thousands had to be served hygienic and sumptuous sadya.
Though novelty value of variety of new cuisines attracts people initially, after running the entire gamut of cuisines, patrons usually settle for Kerala vegetarian specialities. Perhaps the best indicator of acceptance to ordered meals is the growing culture of patronizing caterers for Onam sadyas, Choroonu function, weddings and receptions, tea parties, Shashtipoorthi celebrations, birthday parties, office get-together's etc., or ordering the entire feast home. These once in a while or once a year celebrations, once saw hours, indeed days of preparations and the kitchens were a bustling place. Vinayaka has completely obviated the need for such slogging at home during the festivities. With its foot firmly in the culture of traditional Kerala vegetarian food, Vinayaka adds flavour to the festivities whether at home, office or mandapam. No eating out but eating with the family and friends in your preferred premises with zero botheration about quality, quantity and arrangements. They have the most loyal following for their typical Kerala sadya.

The Vinayaka catering service come in all sizes and shapes, for customer from every part of Kerala - Catering to the food requirements of small gatherings of marriages, birthdays, choroonu, get-togethers etc.-starting from a small group of 10 people, with no upper limit to the order size. Vinayaka is particular that the food is reached on time and served with decorum.
Cooking for the functions within the premises of the mandapam, as well as for Outdoors catering is being done and Vinayaka has its own vehicles for door delivery.
Today, Vinayaka has the resources and facilities to serve a wholesome and delicious range of vegetarian foods to nearly three lakh people every year, regardless of caste or religion.

The Kitchen

Professional cooks under the able stewardship of their master Sri. Anantharaman prepare the delicacies using the modern facilities & equipments. A visit to the kitchen of Vinayaka is a pleasant experience where one can see food being prepared and served in high quality utensils. Stainless steel vessels are used for storing the cooked items and aluminium foil when packing is required thereby avoiding plastics.

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